Justin Beaton Case Historical Preservation

A reform organization that advocates for transparency and rational practices in the media and justice system. Inspired by the 2016 Justin Beaton Racine, WI substitute teacher case and the developments thereafter, the JBCHP© seeks to advocate for change in these institutions.

Official logo for the Justin Beaton Case Historical Preservation

Advocating for Integrity

The 2016 case of Justin Beaton has made a tremendous impact regarding seeking change in media transparency and justice reform. The JCBHP© was formed due to the case in hopes of further impacting change within these institutions. The JBCHP© desires to raise awareness about the many people and their families who have been affected by them.

Read the Press and Testimonials in support of Justin Beaton, his family, and the JBCHP’s mission.

Are You Going to Heaven?

Above any other purpose, the JBCHP's utmost desire is for people to turn from their sin, be saved, and go to Heaven when they die because that's all that ultimately matters. Your next second could be your last, so, please click the button to find out how you can be reconciled to God.