About the JBCHP©

Established in 2023

In the years since Justin Beaton’s 2016 case, there have been numerous developments that have helped advance progress in change and reform. The JBCHP© hopes to continue this trend and allow help build towards a more rational media and justice system.

The 2023 formation of the JBCHP© marked a momentous turn of events for the prospect of media transparency and justice reform. Utilizing the “Educate, Collaborate, & Advocate” model below, the steps taken to achieve this goal have been remarkably promising. Existing simply to raise awareness and strive for improvement in these institutions, we encourage people to reach out to their local media companies and legislators to inquire about what provisions are in place that prioritize transparency and rational practices. Mitigating harm through sensible approaches is the only way to see actual change.

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Official logo for the Justin Beaton Case Historical Preservation


Inform by highlighting factual information and statistics that help to catalyze change.


Reach out to and work with influential industry professionals to bring awareness to the needed changes.


Stand up for a more rational media and justice system to mitigate instances of affected individuals and families.